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Your Professional Portable Power Supply

Our sustainable product enables you to power up appliances and machines with 240V anytime.

As the world is moving towards sustainability, it is the need of the hour for environment-friendly power generation.

RF Power will replace the diesel and power generators, reducing carbon footprint.

Power Any Device

If your device can be powered from a wall socket, it can be powered with RF-POWER.​

Audio Equipment

Plug and Play

No cables, no hassle. Just plug in your device.

Truly Portable

Powerful, compact and lightweight.​

Travel Bag
Tree Planting

Save 720 ltr of fuel Prevent ~1690 kg of CO2 emissions in a year 

Power you Entire Work day


Long Run Time

RF Power delivers the most energy in a portable format with zero maintenance 


Fast Recharging

Quick recharging time of 5 Hours

Raising the Bar on Safety

  • Military grade material

  • No grounding required

  • Designed according to IEC protection class II

  • No tripping hazards

  • Reduced cabling

  • No toxic fumes

  • Healthier work environments


Technical Specification

Battery Type​                          Lithium Ion

Output Voltage​                      240V

Rated Output Power​             1000W

Peak Power                           2000W

Available Energy​                   1.2 KWh

Recharge Duration​                5 hours

Weight​                                   16 kg

Use​                                        One 16A device

Warranty​                                4 years (Battery life 10 years)

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